Type Conversion Training

Have you got a manned aircraft license such as a PPL, CPL or ATPL? Are you wanting to explore the UAV, RPAS or Drone world. We offer a short 2 day course that covers all the topics you need to be confident flying an RPAS. Our training covers:

  • RPAS General Knowledge;
  • RPAS Components;
  • CASR 101 and regulations;
  • Operation Planning; and
  • Practical flying on a small multirotor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I get at the end of this course?
A: We will apply to CASA on your behalf for you to receive your Remote Pilots License to allow you to operate multirotor systems up to 7kg in the unrestricted categories.

Q: I heard the regulations have changed so I don’t need to do training any more.
A: This level of training will bring you up to the equivalent knowledge of a PPL (in manned aviation) for RPAS as well as provide you with a license to be able to conduct commercial work with larger systems and in a crew environment.

Q: How much does the type conversion course cost?
A: This course starts from $1,500.00 (GST Free) per student for the full 2 days. We offer group discounts enquire for more details.