Specialised RPAS Training – Night Visual Flying (NVFR)

So you have now got your RPAS license and are ready to start doing some more advanced operations, one of these is Night Operations (or night visual flying). You dream of doing some really cool city-scapes at night, or maybe some thermal operations. After reading into the regulations, you will see that you need to develop a safety case around night operations, to develop this safety case, you will need to do some basic training for night operations. Our night operations are covered over two evenings where we take you out to different locations with different levels of ambient lighting and do different tasks with you to get up to speed with night operations. We show you what works at night, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Night visual flying operations require you to work proficiently in a crew environment as well as have a good understanding of human factors.

We run you through singular component failures to demonstrate the difficulties and how you need to rely on the crew to assist you in night visual flying (NVFR). We will show you industry best practice on night visual flying as well as ensure that you understand the human factors that relate to night operations to ensure that you are at industry leading standards. Our instructor lead competency based Night training will prepare you to operate in areas from complete darkness on moonless nights all the way through to flood light areas. A prerequisite for this particular training is to hold a remote pilots license and be able to operate competently during daylight hours, we can provide you with a set of exercises that you should be able to complete during daylight hours without any prompts during daylight hours.

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