Specialised RPAS Training – GNSS Denied

Being able to operate in GNSS denied environments might not sound like it would be required with high quality GNSS devices on almost all aircraft these days. But there are many times that being able to operate in GNSS denied environments or in ways that navigation systems cannot operate, is extremely useful. This includes being able to conduct operations in dense urban environments with man made canyons, or in the bottom of steep gullies. We even conduct operations in fully denied environments such as indoors or underground.

The skills of being able to operate in a GNSS denied environment extend far beyond the immediate, it will also allow you to be able to take control when situations prevent you from using the GNSS to hold position or erratic behaviour that can be caused by interference or a faulty GNSS device. We will show you techniques on not only operating after a fault, but how to safely continue to entire operation. This will make you a safer operator and allow you the required skills to conduct operations such as  close proximity operations or night visual flying operations.

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