Specialised RPAS Training – Close Proximity (to people & structures)

To fly within close proximity to people or structures requires a new, higher level of skill, you also need to understand the risks that are associated with close proximity flights, how it affects the aerodynamics of the whole aircraft as well as the risks that you expose the people near by to. We will introduce new new concepts such as buffer zones, MRD and operational patter.

Our short course will extend on theory that you already will be familiar with and includes:

  • Aerodynamics;
  • Risk and hazard mitigation;
  • Process and techniques;
  • Crew operations;
  • Regulations;

As well as competency based instructional flights and assessment flights that will cover real world operations in close proximity to structures to put in perspective. This will allow you to know how to safely operate within 30m of people that are not directly involved in the operation as well as how to communicate with your crew to efficiently conduct these operations. This training course has an advised pre-requisite of GNSS denied environments as well as high work loads to ensure that you are ready and capable of operating in close range to people and structures.

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