Specialised RPAS Training

Are you needing an internal solutions to allow your pilots to do higher risk, higher workload operations? NQ UAV is able to provide you with a solution for specialised RPAS training that will provide the required knowledge and skills to your pilots. Our standards that we require internally, exceed the requirements of the regulator and are industry leading. By ensuring that we train and assess to match our internal standards we ensure that you, and your pilots, are fully equipped to take on the high risk or non standard operation. Some of the specialised RPAS Training that we offer include:

By the end of each short course, you will understand how to conduct the operations, the risks that are being mitigated and systems that can be applied to your operations to ensure that they are conducted safely and efficiently.

Our specialised RPAS training has been specifically designed to work in with our FlyFree.ly system allowing rapid skill acquisitions and understanding the fundamentals to be able to conduct higher risk operations.

We also offer a variety of conversions and upgrades that include:

This allows you to get these added to your CASA license so that you can conduct more varied operations. Contact us today to get started on your journey to do more complex operations.