Certified RPAS Training

Are you interested in becoming a certified UAV, RPA or Drone Pilot? Are you wanting to do the course in Townsville? Are you wanting to learn how to pilot technology that soars? We now offer high-quality certified RPAS Training course that allow you to complete and qualify for a Remote Pilots License Level 1 and Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate. This course has been designed in conjunction with CASA to ensure that you start your journey to becoming a high-quality UAV pilot. You will learn the basics of aviation including: Meteorology, Human Factors, Aerodynamics, Air Law and how to plan a successful and safe UAV mission.

Our next round of RPAS training runs 20th – 24th of November, online and in Townsville.  Contact us now to reserve your place!

Looking for other dates? Our schedule has the next few planned planned course dates. Or our enrolment form if you are ready now!

The successful graduate will obtain the following certifications after the course:

  1. Remote Pilot License Level 1 (RPL1);
  2. Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC);

As well as practical experience on your class of aircraft, ensuring you have the all the skills required to operate professionally at the end of the course. Students are required to hold at enrolment an Aviation Reference Number (ARN), we can assist you in obtaining your ARN. NQ UAV will do your English Language Proficiency test, at no additional costs, during the course to ensure that when we submit your CASA paperwork, everything is inline and ready.

The total cost for the course starts from $2,900.00 GST Free

Get in contact with us now on (07) 4402 4069 or info@nquav.com.au to start your journey to becoming a UAV pilot or if you are ready now, fill in this enrolment form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the course being held?
A: This course is being held in Townsville, North Queensland. Live online access is available anywhere!

Q: Where else do you conduct training?
A: We can deliver training in any location you like, online and in person! Please enquire for more information regarding where you would like us to deliver the training and we will be in touch shortly.

Q: Why should I do your training?
A: Our training is designed to get you to the industry leading standard that we demand from our internal pilots, this high standard means that you are ready for commercial operations straight away. Our training also has direct pathways to our FlyFree.ly system that gets you commercially operational in days, and not weeks or months. All of our instructors have manned pilots licenses and a experience in operating RPAS in commercial environment and will be able to mentor you to further your RPAS training and provide you with exercises that relate to the real world. You will be able to access up to date course material online for 12 months after your course, allowing you to review as you need. We will be training you on the latest technologies so that you are ready to utilise the technology that soars, in addition, we provide you with all the tools to start building your own EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) for RPAS Operations. We will help you learn how to fly the technology that soars!

Q: What sort of systems do we get to fly during your training?
A: The week starts off with some of the smaller systems to give you the opportunity to build up muscle memory and put the theory into action on a highly responsive machine. As the week progresses, you will have the opportunity to operate a larger system (providing competency on the smaller one is reached) and you can start working in a real crew environment that is demanded by these larger pieces of technology that soars. This will give you a real sense that you are not playing with a toy, and you are now piloting a real machine.

Q: What topics are covered in this training course?
A: The course covers comprehensively everything that you need to know to start your RPAS journey, this includes: weather and meteorology, aerodynamics, human factors, air law, navigation and Basic RPAS knowledge. This is all bundled together to ensure that you can plan and conduct successful RPAS operations in Standard Operating Conditions.

Q: Wanting to Get High with our drone training?
A: Well that isn’t really a question that we can answer, but the highest that we can get is 400ft AGL (121m)! this is still pretty high and you can really get a new perspective and in aviation, we have some pretty strict drug and alcohol policies. So the only way that we get high is with a natural high of the thrill of flying! So come and join us with our get high drone training.

Q: What is included in this course?
A: All of our RPAS Training courses are fully catered so you don’t need to bring your lunch or morning tea, we provide you with content that you can take home each night to review. The online electronic training portal is accessible for 12 months after your course and is updated regularly to include the latest information so that you can continue to improve and use technology that soars.

Q: I heard that the regulations are changing and being deregulated, why should I do your RPAS training?
A: The regulations are changing, however there are still quite a number of activities that you will not be able to do without the RPAS training, this includes being employed or contracted by a ReOC holder, do higher risk operations such as Night Operations, Operate above 400ft AGL or Beyond Visual Line of Sight or any of the other higher risk operations that you may want to do with this technology that soars. Our course is the first step at becoming a highly competent pilot with a sound understanding to let you move forward and conduct the higher risk and more exciting operations. In addition, without the minimum of training or operating under an ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate) you will not be able to get comprehensive insurance, this includes public liability or aviation insurance products.

Q: Will I need to complete CASA’s  English proficiency exam?
A: We have the ability to assess you as a Level 6 for English comprehension, if we believe that you are not a level 6 you will have to have a more comprehensive English Assessment at a ASL examination centre.

Q: What is an ARN and will I need an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)?
A: An ARN is the license number issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to all pilots who operate in Australian airspace. You will be required to obtain an ARN before the final certificate can be issued. Ask NQ UAV if you need assistance obtaining your ARN.

Q: What do I have to bring with me on the day?
A: Water on the days of practical training. Everything else is supplied including lunch, this is a fully catered course. In the practical exam you can bring your personal aircraft if approved by the NQ UAV instructor. Please contact NQ UAV if you intend to bring your own craft.

Q: I already have a Pilots License (PPL or higher endorsement), is there another way for me to get my UAV/RPA License?
A: We offer Type Conversion training for pilots who hold a current manned aviation pilots license. Get in contact with us today to discuss your options.

Q: Do you offer any support to get our ReOC?
A: We can offer you support to get your own ReOC, but also offer a way to start operating immediately, this is our FlyFreely system, the fastest way for you to start using technology that soars!

Q: What is the difference between a UAV Controllers Certificate, Remote Pilots License and a RePL?
A: The difference between a UAV Controllers Certificate, Remote Pilots License is just a few words on the document that you receive after successfully completing the course and CASA issues you with your license. Any new license that are issued by CASA will be issued as a RePL (Remote Pilots License).

Q: I am really excited and ready to enrol!
A: That’s great! Fill in this enrolment form and we will get in contact with you! enrolment form.

Q: I just want to learn how to fly my new system without crashing, this course seems too much for what I want to do.
A: We offer a tailored courses for less than 2kg RPAS systems (to fly commercially or recreationally) to ensure that you have a knowledge to safely operate your system and won’t get in trouble with the regulations, contact us today to discuss what we can do for you and how we can get you using technology that soars!

Q: What is it like to do one of your certified drone training courses? I am not sure that this is for me.
A: One of our past students has written us a short post on their experience of our course, you can read about it here.

Q: Why is this course GST-free?
A: Obtaining your RePL through this course is an essential prerequisite to working professionally as an RPAS operator. The ATO has ruled that the supply of a professional or trade course will be GST-free. For more information see the relevant ATO ruling here.