The use of photogrammetry for surveying has become quite popular with the advent of affordable UAV platforms. The modern cameras fitted on a UAV for surveying are calibrated to remove artifacts caused by chromatic aberration, distortion or defocus aberration. Large areas can be mapped in under an hour with high-resolution cameras to provide a GSD as low as 5mm. Using photogrammetry techniques it is possible to extract 3D data from the 2D images to create digital elevation models, digital terrain models and digital surface models. Typical applications include:

Recently, we have started to use LiDAR to produce highly dense 3D point clouds. This payload is able to produce highly accurate 3D point clouds with some foliage and canopy penetration allowing for more accurate Digital Terrain Models. The UAV LiDAR system is faster to acquire the data (providing an orthophoto is not required) and provides higher levels of accuracy, ground control typically needs to be picked up with more accurate equipment such as with a Total Station compared to the usual rTK of PPK for our photogrametry options.

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