Are you an enterprise, organisation or individual operating or wanting to operate a fleet of drones? do you find that you need more than the UOC/ReOC to manage drones, personnel, internal training, currency, maintenance, risk management and many other aspects of drone operations? Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get onto our FlyFreely system.

Some quick questions and answers

Q: What is FlyFreely?
A: FlyFreely is our system to manage all aspects of UAV/RPAS/Drone operations, from the initial RPAS training, internal training, aircraft maintenance and history, existing HSEC policy integration, operation and mission planning, incident reporting and investigation, auditing, mentoring, risk management and mitigation, documentation, systems procurement and sales as well as access to a wealth of information and experience. All this is so you are ready to conduct your operations safely and efficiently. FlyFreely allows anyone to use Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) quickly, safely, legally & with minimal risk. FlyFreely provides pilot training, licensing & identification, craft identification & management, flight operation/risk management, regulatory approvals, & an audit trail, all combined into a simple-to-use platform. FlyFreely minimises compliance risk, the major barrier to insuring UAVs, & provides on-demand insurance coverage.

Q: Wow! that was a lot of words, can you explain it more simply?
A: FlyFreely is a complete system to manage your UAV/RPAS/Drone risks taking into consideration all aspects of your planned operation.

Q: Do I need my own ReOC/UOC?
A: There are a few answers to this one and it all comes down to how you want to operate, you can have your own UOC/ReOC and spend the time going through and maintaining any exemptions and instruments that you may want or need to operate commercially, you may fit in the new under 2kg limit and want to just have some better standards in your organisation or you may choose to operate under our system and have access to a wealth of information and experience that we offer as well as access to all of our exemptions and instruments, all with out having to maintain the system your self.