Asset Inspections

Inspections at height are quick and simple

When doing a traditional inspection at heights you may need to erect costly scaffolding, use an elevated work platform or shut down a part of a facility all while following lengthy working at heights procedures. Our UAV’s are deployed with very little disruptions (if any) and, without the requirements of working at heights permits, to check visible wear and tear as well or find and monitor hot spots on machinery, equipment and structures. All flights have the data recorded for you to keep a historic comparison and to run future. Using our techniques, you are able to run asset inspections more regularly and pick up issues sooner.

Our typical inspection time is less than 1 hour, by the time NQ UAV personnel are on site, they and all parties involved in the inspection understand the objectives of the inspection, what is to be inspected first (most critical) and have a full plan on how they will conduct the entire asset inspection. In most cases, we request that the site engineers are present during the inspection so that they can start to make decisions in real-time based on what they can see on the monitors/ground stations. Inspections can be conducted by recording either video or photos for review later. Most photos can be geo-tagged with the coordinates, direction of view and the altitude to best help you determine the components of the asset that you are looking at.

Some ways in which the UAVs are the best choice for inspections include: