UAVs or Drones have many uses, from simple Aerial Photography & Videography to more complex tasks such as Aerial Surveying & performing close proximity Asset Inspections. UAV applications and services are only limited by the payloads; with NQ UAV utilising a wide arrange of payloads from RGB, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, LiDAR & Thermal cameras. We are able to provide a large number of unique services to many industries. We strive to ensure that the data that we deliver will integrate into your workflows to ensure that we are providing real value to you and your clients.

We work closely with our partners to find new payloads to better serve their data requirements as well as help to design new and better payloads. NQ UAV actively conducts research with a variety of Research and Development bodies to bring new payloads to our fleet of aircraft.

Other services that we offer include RPAS/UAV/Drone Training, Documentation Services (all your manuals, documents and forms), Development Services and the newly established These combined to help you get off the ground sooner!