Aerial Photography and Videography – Past Projects and Portfolio

NQ UAV has completed a large number of interesting and unique projects across a wide cross section of industries. Below is a random selection of the photography and videography projects that we have successfully completed over the last few years, if you are interested in having us perform a similar operation or would like to know more information about any of the particular operations, get in contact with us.

John Holland

November 2016 – DBCT Remedials Project Working with John Holland and local media company Bluekino to produce this video telling the story of the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Remedial Project. This project was filmed with Bluekino for John Holland

Chasing a luxurious vehicle through the hills on Magnetic Island

Jade Holland

May 2016 – Jade Holland – Good Day Working with local talent Jade Holland and Bluekino to provide a unique view on the tropical Magnetic Island. This shoot was especially fun and really relaxed! This project was completed with Bluekino for Jade Holland To see some of our behinds the scenes shots of this awesome music video

Jack Miller tearing it up as he races around in his back yard

Noisy Beast – Insurance Advertisement

December 2014 – Noisy Beast Local Legend, Jack Miller teamed up with Swann Insurance to show his story, checkout some of our footage in the final product below. This project was completed with Noisy Beast

Burdekin River during the cane cutting season from Rita Island

Channel 9 – Keely Johnson

September 2015 – Keely Johnson If you live in the Townsville or Burdekin area, you would have heard the story of Keely Johnson and her Golden Octopus Foundation. Have a look at her story below and some of the interesting shots that we captured for her story.

The Townsville strand at sunrise

St. Patricks College

March 2014 – St. Patricks College Capturing an amazing sunrise of a school located on the The Strand in Townsville to give St. Patricks College a truly unique view for their upcoming advertisement. The amazing sun rise over the water and an early morning start gave a great look into the school, St. Patricks College […]

Townsville Bulk Storage and Handling in the Townsville Port

Townsville Bulk Storage and Handling

March 2016 – TBSH Videography During March of 2016, we went down and did some filming for TBSH (inside the Port of Townsville) of their new dust suppression system. The whole video shows the material arriving in the facility and being loaded into the ship with a specially designed dust suppression system in full swing. […]

Captured on our Aerial Photography Platform on Mt Louisa, Townsville

TEi – Mt Louisa Reservoir Project

August 2014 – September 2015 Townsville Engineering industries approached us to provide frequent Photography and Videography updates of the Mt Louisa Water Tank Project. The purpose was two fold, to showcase the fantastic work that TEi has been conducting on Mt Louisa as well as to provide project updates to Townsville Water and Townsville City Council. This […]

Video overlays on one of our videos for Pinnacle Views

Pinnacle Views

October 2016 – Pinnacle Views When you have a need to get up and see what is around, you have 2 choices, get a helicopter in, or get in NQ UAV. We are able to get some uniquely UAV or drone shots for use in the Pinnacle Views Estate video. See for your self how we can […]

Lodestone Reef from the air with Adrenaline Dive

Adrenalin Dive

October 2016 – Adrenalin Dive Reef Trip The Great Barrier Reef is an extraordinary place to visit, from the air we can see the great vessel that can get you out and back and the wonderful reef that you can explore. See below for the video that shows it all off: This project was filmed […]

This is Townsville #thisistownsville 2.0 We are alive, and there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes

Townsville 2.0

What if you knew that Townsville was taking off, that we live in a part of Australia that is truly exciting? The video below has been put together by BDmag with a lot of footage that we have shot over the years for a number of our clients. You can read more about this project on […]

Jet skies off the strand of Townsville with Castle Hill in the background

Townsville Watersports

August 2016 – Townsville Watersports When you come to Townsville and you want to explore and see some of our hidden spots, checkout Townsville Watersports for some serious fun! This project was filmed with Bluekino for Townsville Watersports

John Gray Constructions

John Gray Constructions

October 2016 – Home Construction John Gray Constructions are building Caro and Kingi from the Block’s house! This project was filmed with Bluekino for John Gray Construction

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