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Our DJI S900 in flight!

What can I do with my drone?

One of the most common questions we have after people have before completing RPAS Training is: What can I do with my drone and what exactly are they good for? Sure – they are a ton of fun, but to consider them as only toys is to miss the true value of this technology that soars. In […]

A destroyed CyberQuad Maxi (made by Sci.Aero) after a catastrophic power failure on the central power distribution board. The power failed approx 20m above the ground and completely destroyed the aircraft and extensive damage to the camera system. The electronics are never to be flown again and the battery was disposed of.

In Air Failures

In Air Failures When the general public look at what we do, they think that it is so easy to to our job that the systems are so reliable and that the human is not doing much. The truth is that these systems have failure, and they have failures regularly. A small list of the […]

How to become a Drone Pilot?

So you want to become a drone pilot, or you know someone that wants to become a drone pilot? Have you asked your self how do I become a drone pilot? And have you been confused by everything that is in the media? We make is really simple to become a drone pilot with our certified […]

Our DJI S900 about to start conducting some night operations. Taken moments before the lights were activated and the legs were retracted and some amazing footage captured. This was at the site of the new proposed super stadium. We also use this platform to train new pilots on the latest technologies

Navigating the Complex World of Unmanned Aviation

My Experience of NQ UAV’s Certified Drone Training With CASA’s recent introduction of excluded category in September 2016, I set my sights on becoming a commercial RPAS (drone, UAV, UAS, platform – what do we even call them these days?) operator. I only want to fly a DJI Phantom. Why the need for certified drone training? A […]

This is Townsville #thisistownsville 2.0 We are alive, and there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes

Townsville 2.0

What if you knew that Townsville was taking off, that we live in a part of Australia that is truly exciting? The video below has been put together by BDmag with a lot of footage that we have shot over the years for a number of our clients. You can read more about this project on […]

Hovermap LiDAR System in GNSS Denied Environment

November 2016 – Hovermap LiDAR System in GNSS Denied Environment We recently completed some trials with the Hovermap LiDAR system in GNSS denied environments, this environment was a small shed with a large number of obstructions and some distinctly interesting features. In the point cloud you can see details such as a brick, hard hats, […]

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