Past Projects and Portfolio

NQ UAV has completed a large number of interesting and unique projects across a wide cross section of industries. Below is a random selection of projects (refresh the page to see others!) that we have successfully completed over the last few years, if you are interested in having us perform a similar operation or would like to know more information about any of the particular operations, get in contact with us.

Aerial Surveying

A side profile of the land slip shows the slip is starting to undercut the dirt road

AECOM – Mareeba Shire Council – Land Slip

July 2015 – Land Slip We were approached by AECOM – Cairns to conduct a series of high risk flights to capture 3D data of a land slip on a dirt road in the wet tropics. AECOM had assessed the site and deemed that no other method apart form using a UAV platform was safe or […]

AECOM – Phosphate Hill Surveying

September 2015 In order to monitor various environmental impacts, gather an accurate elevation model and to provide an up to date ortho-mosaic image of the plant area, NQ UAV was brought in to conduct a surveying operation. The site is operated by Incitect Pivot mining gypsum and phosphates with an onsite plant facility to turn the raw materials […]

NQ Dry Tropics – Siam Weed

June 2014 – Siam Weed NQ UAV was approached by NQ Dry Tropics to develop a methodology to help in the detection of Siam Weed (considered one of the world’s most invasive weeds). Siam proliferates in a variety of environments such as rainforest and steep river gullies where it is often hard to reach by […]

Overpass on the Bruce highway captured from above

UDP – Railway Corridor

June 2016 – Railway Corridor We were approached by the UDP Group to conduct rapid deployment and turn around for our aerial survey services. The area of interest was along an 8km railway corridor from the Port of Townsville, along the Port Access road before then turning off and heading towards the overpass of the Bruce Highway […]

More Aerial Sureying

Asset Inspection

Captured on our Aerial Photography Platform on Mt Louisa, Townsville

TEi – Mt Louisa Reservoir Project

August 2014 – September 2015 Townsville Engineering industries approached us to provide frequent Photography and Videography updates of the Mt Louisa Water Tank Project. The purpose was two fold, to showcase the fantastic work that TEi has been conducting on Mt Louisa as well as to provide project updates to Townsville Water and Townsville City Council. This […]

LiDAR Sample Data Set

Hovermap LiDAR System

November 2016 – Hovermap LiDAR System NQ UAV recently completed a series of trials with the Hovermap LiDAR system, the system is a LiDAR based system that uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) to generate a very accurate and detailed 3D point cloud of the environment that we operate over or inside of. Hovermap is an impressive […]

An Asset Inspeciton carried out at QNI with our Aerial Photography and Asset Inspection platforms.

Queensland Nickel – Stack Inspection

Queensland Nickel – Stack Inspection What do you do when you have a condemned structure that requires an urgent inspection? You call in NQ UAV to conduct a detailed inspection over the entire structure. Our skilled pilots are able to operate within meters of the structure while our payload specialists control the camera to get […]

An angry crow moments before attacking the crew

Townsville City Council – Birds Nest Inspection

August 2015 – Birds Nest Inspection How do you determine the species of bird that built a nest when a cheeky and aggressive crow has taken over? You get NQ UAV to conduct a birds nest inspection. Before removal of a birds nest from key infrastructure; the Townsville City Council needs to determine the species of bird that […]

More Asset Inspections

Aerial Photography and Videography

Jack Miller tearing it up as he races around in his back yard

Noisy Beast – Insurance Advertisement

December 2014 – Noisy Beast Local Legend, Jack Miller teamed up with Swann Insurance to show his story, checkout some of our footage in the final product below. This project was completed with Noisy Beast

Lodestone Reef from the air with Adrenaline Dive

Adrenalin Dive

October 2016 – Adrenalin Dive Reef Trip The Great Barrier Reef is an extraordinary place to visit, from the air we can see the great vessel that can get you out and back and the wonderful reef that you can explore. See below for the video that shows it all off: This project was filmed […]

The Townsville strand at sunrise

St. Patricks College

March 2014 – St. Patricks College Capturing an amazing sunrise of a school located on the The Strand in Townsville to give St. Patricks College a truly unique view for their upcoming advertisement. The amazing sun rise over the water and an early morning start gave a great look into the school, St. Patricks College […]

Video overlays on one of our videos for Pinnacle Views

Pinnacle Views

October 2016 – Pinnacle Views When you have a need to get up and see what is around, you have 2 choices, get a helicopter in, or get in NQ UAV. We are able to get some uniquely UAV or drone shots for use in the Pinnacle Views Estate video. See for your self how we can […]

More Photography and Videography


A destroyed CyberQuad Maxi (made by Sci.Aero) after a catastrophic power failure on the central power distribution board. The power failed approx 20m above the ground and completely destroyed the aircraft and extensive damage to the camera system. The electronics are never to be flown again and the battery was disposed of.

In Air Failures

In Air Failures When the general public look at what we do, they think that it is so easy to to our job that the systems are so reliable and that the human is not doing much. The truth is that these systems have failure, and they have failures regularly. A small list of the […]

A GPS Satellite artist impression

GNSS Denied Environments

GNSS Denied Environments Every now and then, we are required to conduct operations in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Denied environments. These operations typically carry with them a higher level of risk as there are normally other complications such as flying indoors, inconsistent air flows, low levels of light or very tight clearances. Other times […]

Our DJI S900 in flight!

What can I do with my drone?

One of the most common questions we have after people have before completing RPAS Training is: What can I do with my drone and what exactly are they good for? Sure – they are a ton of fun, but to consider them as only toys is to miss the true value of this technology that soars. In […]

Hovermap LiDAR System in GNSS Denied Environment

November 2016 – Hovermap LiDAR System in GNSS Denied Environment We recently completed some trials with the Hovermap LiDAR system in GNSS denied environments, this environment was a small shed with a large number of obstructions and some distinctly interesting features. In the point cloud you can see details such as a brick, hard hats, […]

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