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Weather Protection

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Weather Protection

One of the most common questions we are asked: Can you fly in the rain? This is fairly complex type of operation and requires us to look at a large number of factors to evaluate the risk when we consider weather protection including: The Platform, Payload, Requirement of the data, followup maintenance, crew protections and the risk to reward ratio. In general terms, we can fly most of our platforms in light rain and still capture good quality data with low associated risks that do not have any adverse effects to the platform. Only a handful of our systems can we safely and confidently fly in pelting rain such as that found in the wet tropics. These systems have multiple levels of protection from water that include waterproofing on all exposed electronics (Motors, ESCs etc.) and sealed autopilot and components. Typically we still choose not operate in these conditions as the pilot and crew still do not have great weather protection. Just imagine how hard it is to look up at the aircraft in the sky when the rain is getting into your eyes or dropping all over your glasses!

We have completed a number of operation in full pelting rain, to have a look at the results of the Land Slip to see what can be done in the rain.

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Image above used with permission from Jerome Leray from Western Aerial Mapping