• Overpass on the Bruce highway captured from above

UDP – Railway Corridor

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June 2016 – Railway Corridor

We were approached by the UDP Group to conduct rapid deployment and turn around for our aerial survey services. The area of interest was along an 8km railway corridor from the Port of Townsville, along the Port Access road before then turning off and heading towards the overpass of the Bruce Highway and Abbott Street. The area proved to be difficult to map as it is a low lying area described as a flood plane and the day prior had heavy rain, making all primary take off as well as all landing areas too wet to safely operate from. In addition, this made it difficult to layout and pick up ground control and had washed out some prepared ground control. On top of this, the primary system that was being operated had a failure of motor failure and a servo/elevon failure at different times throughout the operation. By having enough spares, backups and a diverse fleet, we were able to get back in the air again and get back on track.

The railway corridor presented some interested operational risks including high voltage power lines that ran parallel to the railway corridor, a highway with mainly heavy vehicles and very boggy soils throughout the area of interest. This risks were efficiently managed by the NQ UAV crew during the pre-flight planning and checked and verified onsite prior to the operation.

The final deliverables were:

  • DTM (Digital Terrain Models);
  • DSM (Digital Surface Models);
  • Seemless Orthomosaic;

All were in GDA94 and AHD to allow for easy compatibility with other similar datasets in locations around the area of interest.

These were delivered on time so that the client could calculate volume estimates of gravel to be laid along the length of the rail corridor.