• An angry crow moments before attacking the crew

    Angry Crows

  • A nest in the light pole with high enough detail for the Townsville City Council to be able to identify the original owners and occupiers of the nest

Townsville City Council – Birds Nest Inspection

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August 2015 – Birds Nest Inspection

How do you determine the species of bird that built a nest when a cheeky and aggressive crow has taken over? You get NQ UAV to conduct a birds nest inspection. Before removal of a birds nest from key infrastructure; the Townsville City Council needs to determine the species of bird that built the nest and the ones that currently are occupying the nest. To do this safely, we used our larger aircraft that has a higher resolution camera and most importantly has the ability to continue to operate with a single motor failure.

During the operation we had the crows swoop and attack the crew on the ground as well as the system in the air. This required the crew to relocate while operating the system and maintaining clear communications to avoid an incident.

Townsville City Council - City of Townsville

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