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November 2016 – Hovermap LiDAR System

NQ UAV recently completed a series of trials with the Hovermap LiDAR system, the system is a LiDAR based system that uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) to generate a very accurate and detailed 3D point cloud of the environment that we operate over or inside of. Hovermap is an impressive system that allows us to deliver a much requested data set to our existing and future clients. The first project that we will be deploying the Hovermap will also be in a GNSS denied environment, with very little room for manoeuvrability and a very small margin for error. This type of environment will eventually be the perfect location for Hovermap’s real time SLAM, collision avoidance and navigation/guidance capacity through integration with the autopilot, assisting pilot to conduct underground inspections.

This ground breaking LiDAR technology will allow us to deliver a new data sets that can be used in every thing from our Aerial SurveyingAsset Inspections or to deliver a new data set to be used by video editors to make a realistic 3D model and scenes for video production. This system will allow us to deliver data that is delivered is extremely accurate spatially and can see more than what we can deliver via our traditional photogrametry techniques.

Below is a quick flight over some heavily wooded areas, this data set has not had any post processing, filtering or corrections applied. Keep an eye here for more interesting data sets in the future including fully coloured LiDAR data as well as data from the GNSS Denied environments that we will be testing out.

The point cloud above is fully interactive, if you cannot see the point cloud above, you may need to change browser, device or get on a higher speed internet connection.

Get in contact with us today to discuss our new LiDAR product or contact Stefan Hrabar from CSIRO Data 61 for more details on the Hovermap LiDAR system.