Hovermap LiDAR System in GNSS Denied Environment

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November 2016 – Hovermap LiDAR System in GNSS Denied Environment

We recently completed some trials with the Hovermap LiDAR system in GNSS denied environments, this environment was a small shed with a large number of obstructions and some distinctly interesting features. In the point cloud you can see details such as a brick, hard hats, televisions and tyres.

In the not too distant future, this sort of environment (GNSS Denied) will be the perfect environment for real time SLAM for collision avoidance. These environments have very tight clearances (less than 3m vertical and horizontal) yet still need to have all areas mapped in high detail. From this detail we can easily see every nut, bolt, cleat and purlin and conduct a virtual asset inspection. We may even be able to dust off all the high shelves and pull down all the cob webs! In another industry, it is possible to take these point clouds and use them in post 3D animation for high quality videography.

We are working with Data 61 from CSIRO to develop SLAM based collision avoidance in GNSS denied environments.

The point cloud above is fully interactive, if you cannot see the point cloud above, you may need to change browser, device or get on a higher speed internet connection.

Get in contact with us today to discuss our new LiDAR product or contact Stefan Hrabar from CSIRO Data 61 for more details on the Hovermap LiDAR system.