• A side profile of the land slip shows the slip is starting to undercut the dirt road

    High Density Point Cloud

  • 3D Point cloud of a land slip shows a very high point density, capturing all of the surrounding plants and tree logs

    High Density Point Cloud

AECOM – Mareeba Shire Council – Land Slip

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July 2015 – Land Slip

We were approached by AECOM – Cairns to conduct a series of high risk flights to capture 3D data of a land slip on a dirt road in the wet tropics. AECOM had assessed the site and deemed that no other method apart form using a UAV platform was safe or viable. On the day of the flights, NQ UAV was able to fly in the rain at a high altitudes (lower aircraft performance) and in close proximity to trees, terrain, logs as well as few satellites to hold the aircraft in position. Our skilled team produced a plan onsite to complete the job, this included starting to process the data onsite to ensure that enough data was collected and the data covered the entire area of interest.

The end result was a high density point cloud that had real world co-ordinates and an accuracy in the realm of 5mm. The point cloud was high enough detail and resolution that it is possible to see fractures in the soil. Another part of the data set that was delivered was with the removal of all trees, logs and vines, this allowed the Geotehcnical Engineer a highly accurate, high resolution model of the undercut structure as well as the surrounding areas of the land slip.

This was a joint project with AECOM, Mareeba Shire Council, Queensland Reconstruction Authority, NQ UAV and is a 2014 Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) site Rehabilitation Works Project.