Natural Resource Managers, Environmental Scientists & Engineers, Land Carers & Government Departments tasked to look after the environment. NQ UAV utilises many of our services to get you data that was previously expensive, time consuming or unsafe for a person to gather. Having completed a large number of operations specifically for environmental reasons, we know how sensitive the operation can be but also how the data that is collected and processed must be of high quality and value.

In the environmental context, RPAS or drones has the capacity to dig into the deeper causes behind systems and processes. Environmental management is built around the observation of natural phenomena in space and time. Traditionally, this has been done with field observation, or in the case of large datasets; satellite imagery. This has dictated a trade-off between resolution requirements, geographical area and operational costs.

Fortunately, RPAS addresses this exact issue; attached sensors can obtain data resolution equivalent or greater than field observation, over large geographic areas. And most of the time, these solutions are safer and more cost effective than the alternatives. A key parameter to consider with RPAS is the resolution requirements for your needs. Greater resolution generally costs more, and while more data can be better, it is important to consider what is specifically required for your operations. We have solid experience in providing RPAS solutions in the environmental sector. We are committed to providing high quality, reliable data. This includes high quality aerial photography, multispectral and hyperspectral data acquisition, thermal imaging and 3D LiDAR models.

Areas where RPAS may be applicable to you:

Check out our aerial surveying deliverables page to find out more about the services we offer.

Some of the products we can provide are:

  • True colour aerial photography (GIS and hard copy);
  • Near infra-red photography (GIS and hard copy);
  • Multi-spectral photography (GIS and hard copy);
  • Hyper-spectral photography (GIS and hard copy);
  • Variable Rate Shape files;
  • Land contour maps;
  • 3D Elevation Maps;

In addition, we are happy to work with you to provide custom products and services. Get in touch with the team at NQ UAV and we will be happy to develop a tailored solution that is right for your business. Alternatively, if you wish to permanently implement RPAS capability into your business, our comprehensive training program Flyfreely is designed to streamline this process. In this course, our professional staff can advise you in the development of the specific RPAS capacity you require.