Energy Distribution, Power providers, Electrical Contractors, Electricians & Station managers. NQ UAV offers a wide variety of services that make your job safer and more efficient.

Asset Inspections

Imagine a day where your asset management teams don’t have to climb High Voltage Transmission towers or Residential Power Poles and complete an inspection on more components, easier, with lower risk and all of the data stored for future reference. We are able to integrate with your asset management teams to quickly an more efficiently conduct the inspections of your assets. No more Working at Heights or slow inspections. On the ground, one of NQ UAV’s pilots and a person from your asset management team conduct the inspection with NQ UAV’s pilot controlling the aircraft and your team controlling the camera making decisions in real time and recording the entire inspection.

Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography

Post a natural disaster, your clients want to know what is happening, why they don’t have power (energy) on, and they want to know now. With the increasingly high use of Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, getting your message out and showing your clients what has happened, how you are progressing and where you will get to next is extremely important.