Being able to monitor the construction site form a birds eye view gives you more information that you thought was possible! By using RPAS or drones in construction, we are able to capture the exact same photo every single time we turn up to your site so that you can overlay the previous photos, just imagine the ability to overlay the photos in your CAD (computer aided design) packages and having BIM (Building Information Model) integration. These photos and videos that we capture can also be used on your social media profiles to engage further with the community and allow you to clearly communicate exactly where the project is at. This also can allow less site visits from upper management as they will be able to view the progress from their computer in their office as well as be used as a planning tool for movements onsite.

In addition, we are able to construct full 3D models of the site to assist with site management that include knowledge of where assets on site are, volumes of raw materials and check the location of installations with a high level of accuracy, precision and resolution.