True colour, near-infrared, multi and hyper-spectral photography for agricultural use

Whilst the use of satellite images has become more commonplace to assist in the management of crops, particularly the near-infrared spectrum, the resolution and turnaround time are drawbacks. UAV captured data can have a resolution as low as 5mm GSD (compared to 5m for satellite) and be delivered almost immediately.

UAV captured data assists in farm management and planning by providing images that can identify:

  • Weeds
  • Crop health
  • Crop yields
  • Drainage lines
  • Feral animals (rabbits, pigs and locusts in particular)

Typical outputs include

  • True colour aerial photography (GIS and hard copy)
  • Near infra-red photography (GIS and hard copy)
  • Multi-spectral photography (GIS and hard copy)
  • Hyper-spectral photography (GIS and hard copy)
  • Variable Rate Shape files
  • Land contour maps
  • 3D Elevation Maps