NQ UAV searches for the most suitable technologies for your requirements. With in-house engineering capabilities, we either can create custom solutions for high risk or speciality jobs and missions, or can source the best of existing technologies for a quicker turn around.

Our current fleet has most of the DJI fleet including Phantom, Insipre, S900 and S1000 there are also a number of systems that have been built by us and a number of 3DR Solos. In addition, we also operate quiet a number of fixed wing platforms and airships. Most of our systems have been customised to ensure that we can deliver unique and high quality data sets. Some of the sensors and payloads that we have all allow us to deliver: Hyperspectral, Multispectral, IR/Thermal, RGB (photography and videography) as well as LiDAR datasets as well as some other niche payloads that allow us to take samples; these payloads allow us to service a large cross section of industries and sectors.

The technologies that we utilise extend beyond our aircraft and payloads, we also choose the best solutions for mission planning, risk assessment, data processing and data delivery. Internally we are developing out our own applications and portals to ensure that we are as efficient, safe and can deliver exactly what you require.

NQ UAV has built custom aftermarket components for the majority of our fleet, everything from navigation lighting to new payloads. We can customise existing platforms to meet your requirements or integrate the sensors so that you have a more automated workflow. This includes looking at your existing fleet of UAV’s or drones and building you an aftermarket upgrade to better meet your clients requirements.