Privacy Policy Statement

NQ UAV recognises its moral and legal responsibilities under privacy legislation to protect individuals and the public’s privacy. This commitment means that we will:

  • Will not store or retain any images, video or information captured from a mission that could directly or indirectly identify an individual whom has not given their consent for the data to be stored
  • Will not deploy any of its equipment or pilots on a mission whose intended purpose is to track or monitor an individual or group of individuals without their consent
  • Require our customers to inform the public where and when the UAV will be operating if the mission is likely to inadvertently collect information about an individual during the mission
  • In the course of normal operations the intent of any mission should not be to capture information about an individual unless the individual has consented to the information being captured beforehand.
  • If information that could directly or indirectly identify an individual is inadvertently captured during a mission it should be removed or deleted. If the information is critical to the deliverables of the mission, the information that identifies the individual should be modified or removed as appropriate unless consent is given by the individual.

For any queries or clarification, please contact us at