The regulations that surround the UAV/RPAS/Drone industry in Australia are fairly complex and are relatively restrictive to what we can do under standard operating conditions. By default, the following simple points are to be followed at all times:

  • More than 30m from people not directly involved in the operation;
  • Not to fly above 400ft (121m) above the ground;
  • Not to fly within 3nm (5.5km) of a controlled aerodrome;
  • Only daylight and VMC conditions;
  • Operations are not to be conducted over populous areas;
  • No flying over an emergency declared area;

NQ UAV maintain a number of permanent exemptions that allow us to operate outside the standard conditions, this includes:

  • Operations at night (NVFR) in VMC;
  • To be able to operate within 3nm of Townsville Aerodrome;

This allows us to conduct operations to provide our clients with unique perspective. We also frequently apply for one off exemptions for special operations, that has included in the past operations within 3nm of Mackay Aerodrome. Future operations will include, Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS), Operations within 3MRD of personnel not directly involved in the operation as well as a number of operation specific operations.