Environmental Policy Statement

NQ UAV is committed to building a sustainable future for our customers, staff and the community as a whole. NQ UAV understands we can only achieve this goal if we make the following commitments:

 We are committed to complying with relevant legislative and regulatory environmental requirements.

  • We are committed to minimising waste by recycling or finding other uses for by-products whenever economically viable
  • We are committed minimising water usage in all aspects of operations
  • We are committed to adhering to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards
  • We are committed to promoting efficient use of energy and fuel across all operations
  • We are committed to ensuring the responsible use of energy throughout our business, including conserving energy improving energy efficiency, and giving preference to renewable over non-renewable energy when feasible
  • We are committed to working with our customers and suppliers (including subcontractors) in order to acknowledge mutual environmental responsibilities and conducts ourselves in such a way to address the above statements
  • We are committed to promptly reporting all noncompliance issues in accordance with applicable governmental reporting requirements, evaluate root causes of noncompliance, and implement corrective actions
  • We are committed to establishing procedures to ensure all that employees are knowledgeable of, understand and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • We are committed to promoting staff awareness of environmental issues and providing the training and resources that will enable them to actively contribute to fulfilling our environmental objectives and obligations
  • We are committed to promptly correct any practice or condition not in compliance with this policy.
  • We are committed to continuously improve our environmental performance and systems