We are committed to providing easy and affordable access to UAV technology to Businesses, Research Bodies and Government Organisations by using Technology that Soars!

We are in Townsville North Queensland; Townsville is the perfect location for a company that uses technology that soars (UAVs, Drones RPAS) with nearly 300 sunny days a year, being a central hub to major agricultural centres, close to major mineral deposits and mine sites in the Bowen Basin, and a thriving metropolitan city with a diverse range of industries.

People who are passionate about aviation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or drones), high-end technology (particularly technology that soars!) and a love of science have created NQ UAV. Our sister company, DEC-MECH, allows us to take a scientific and engineering approach to all of our endeavours and ensures that we produce the best results for you, and your clients.

Our Vision

NQ UAV’s vision is to see businesses, government departments and research organisation become world leaders in their fields through the application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology.

Our Mission

NQ UAV’s mission is to give every business, government department and research organisation easy and affordable access to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology.

How We Work

NQ UAV’s preference is to partner with established companies that already provide value adding services to their clients. For example photographers who provide services to the real estate industry, surveyors who provide services to the mining sector, inspection companies that provide services to milling/refining operators or agronomists who give advice to farmers to name a few. In this way our partners can leverage the services we provide in order to deliver their services with higher quality and in less time enabling them to be sustainable and competitive into the future.

We always look at the required deliverables, not just the platform or what technology we are using. At the end of an operation, we will provide you with the best possible deliverable and sustainable solution.